Yield Mapping of Potatoes

The objective of this project is to determine in field variability of potato yield and quality.

Preliminary Mapping results based on a HarvestMaster HM500 unit with a double set of load cells.

  • one set of load cells at the end of the horizontal part of the discharge conveyor
  • another set on the steep section of the discharge conveyor, with tilt sensor based correction

    Measurement System Setup:

  • HM500 unit with 4 load cells, 1 tilt sensor and 2 speed sensors
  • Navstar 12 channel C/A code GPS with CSI coastguard beacon DGPS decoder
  • Philips NINO windows CE computer with compactflash card running a CE-version of the HM5 software

    conveyor sccu


    Left: a screen capture of the main screen on the HM5 windows CE version

    HM5 NINO

    Right: a view on the equipment in the cab: Reekie remote controller below, the Nino for yield mapping right above it and the
    Muller board computer doing the regular task registration left of the Nino. The Nino is capable to replace the Muller uni-control for this operation while they both record worked hours and harvested area. But this would require changes in the administration on the farm itself.

    Current Version of ppcHM5 features:
  • Single or Dual weight sensor set data processing
  • Time stamped SCCU data stream recording
  • Calibration procedure to zero the weight cell loads
  • Truck load administration
  • Yield processing and logging
  • Task management data recording
  • Position marker logging

    Not yet implemented HM5 capabilities:
  • Automatic correction for weighbridge determined truck loads
  • Robustness of data communication e.g. checksum processing

    Not yet implemented other capabilities:
  • Task management according to future ISO11783 standard
  • Export data in ADIS format
  • Automatic administration of recordings to a Field based on GPS position
  • Cartographic view on GPS data and/or field characteristics

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    last update: 1999-11-04, Jaap van Bergeijk